Plus size: feel good within yourself

Plus size: feel good within yourself

Plus size: feel good within yourself

It is always seen that a plus size women is always stigmatized, abused, told that she is worthless and also is undesirable. She is often stereotyped as lazy and stupid and unhygienic, given inadequate medical care, and also not extended basic human decency. Despite of all the best efforts of bullies both physical and virtual, almost all of the TV show and movies that are ever made, and most women’s magazines, one should be totally at peace with being fat. We, at xmex discard all such types of comments and welcome all the plus size people with warm arms because, be cute and chubby is not everyone’s cup of tea.
A few thing which could be done to gain confidence with your body are stated below:
1. Try to surround yourself with those people who do not make you feel like shit. This is reallt hard, because a lot of us don’t realize we are making other people feel like shit. It is important to understand that everyone has a struggle and a path they’re walking on and a burden to bear.

2. Try refusing to participate in earing only salads just because you are in a public place and people are seeing you and advising you to eat more and more of salads and lessen the amount of calories in your diet never listen to such people go for whatever your heart wants.

3. Try exercising fairly regularly and exercising does not strictly means that you have to skip ropes all the time, go for jogging, get out of bed early aur other such stuffs. Sometimes you may dance around your bedroom, or go for a hike, or get off the subway a few stops early and walk home. If the point is just to get my heart rate up, that can happen anyhow.

4. if you do not workout regularly then that’s fine, too. Not every day has to be a mad rush toward The Healthiest Bod. When a person’s life changes, their habits change automatically. Exercise whenever you feel like. Do not do anything taking a burden on your heart that you are plus size and you need to loose lots and lots of weight.

5. don’t count calories and eat all your favourite food materials or whatever you like but just keep one thing in mind that you need to eat healthy.

6. Never compare yourself with others because someone else is a completely different person, and has a completely different genetic makeup. A person may have a completely different lifestyle, and a completely different goal and priorities. Neither of us is better than the other.

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